The Double Wahala Reloaded show has been packed with many surprises and drama for viewers.

First, the internet was thrown into a frenzy when Ifu Ennada claimed that she makes N5 million sales daily and later denied uttering the statement.

It was also an interesting moment when Ahneeka and Ifu almost exchanged blows on live television, leaving fans both ashamed and annoyed on their behalf.

Recently, the topic of discussion was about viral moments and relationships back in the Double Wahala house and for the first time, Cee-c opened up about how she felt about Tobi in the house.

Recall that Tobi and Cee-c were a major topic as they tried their hardest to have a relationship. While Cee-c appeared possessive and controlling, Tobi was sociable and had a thing for the hot-tempered Cee-c.

While they had more fights than pleasant moments, one thing was clear and it was that they both had feelings for each other.

During the reunion show, Cee-c admitted to liking Tobi and being extremely attracted to him, however, they were incompatible.

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According to Cee-c, she did not want to share Tobi with anybody.

However, they were not compatible, Cee-c says.

Speaking on their relationship in the house, Tobi said Cee-c is someone who likes to own.

Meanwhile, Cee-c had spilled the beans about Tobi and Alex’s relationship. Cee-c had claimed that the two had slept together after the show ended.

According to her, Nina told her that the two slept together at the hotel where they all lodged after the show. She said the story was funny to her because the two had claimed they were best friends in the house.