Bossy Fashion Trends In 2019


Being a boss does not always give the picture of a man or woman wearing a suit, drinking coffee or smoking a cigar behind a desk, the boss look has gone through an innovation as most bosses these days would even want to promote their brand by appearances at Gallas and other social

Below are some tips on how to look bossy and fashionable at the same time.

1.wearing kimonos:

This tip refers more to the woman folk.Startle your workers with your “boss mode” in a stylish kimono!.



A kimono is a piece of clothing which,is often associated with Japan. The kimono is a long jacket or cape which can be worn on other forms of clothing like jeans t-shirt or a gown.

The cool thing about a Kimono is that it can be worn in either a professional environment or  for play time…so come on rock that business Dinner or romantic date with a kimono.

2. Blazer suit:

Yes!!A blazer suit I a good choice to add to your business collection not only does it give you a professional look but it also adds any authentic air of uniqueness to your personality.


3.gown and jean jacket:

This another amazing trendy concept rocking the fashion world presently. It gives you the convinence  of looking good in a profession always and looking cute at the same time. Also this combination can be modified into a more profession always by replacing the Jean with a professional jacket.


Either way you choose to wear it you would surely very attractive as well as professional to the office.

4. suit and jeans:

This is a very easy fashion style still trendy every where in the combines work and play in a very subtle flow of class and style try a blazer on jeans and watch your employees stare at you.

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